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Co-market at scale with a profile-based system designed for collaboration.

Use Total Expert’s Co-Marketing Platform To Maintain True Transparency Into All Co-Marketing Activity.

Centralize your co-marketing for greater transparency.

Ensure transparency for all co-marketing activities by managing your efforts from one dashboard.

  • Users
    Manage Your Relationships

    Build and nurture your relationships with co-marketers easily by inviting them to collaborate on marketing in the Total Expert platform.

  • User Controls
    Retain Complete Control

    Exercise control over which assets, permissions and functions are available to co-marketers and team members.

  • Secure
    Protect Your Organization

    Protect your entire organization with audit-level reporting and tracking on each co-marketer’s activity and all deployed assets.


A collaborative CRM built for co-marketing relationships.

From the perspective of industry leaders who understand the current co-marketing climate and the needs of financial services enterprises, Total Expert is built from the ground up, catering to the industry’s needs.

  • Database
    Partner database

    Target your growth with a searchable database of the most active lines of business or co-marketers.

  • User
    Single partner view

    Gain insight into all of your joint marketing activity and manage your relationships for greater success.

  • Share
    Collaborative contact sharing

    Manage leads generated with co-marketers or across lines of business while also marketing your services independently.

Multi-channel co-marketing, made easy.

You don’t need experience coding or as a marketing professional to deploy co-marketing print and digital material rapidly.

Current Flyers, Postcards and Property Websites Listing
Enhance Transparency

Transparently promote each co-marketer’s service to consumers with co-branded print and digital marketing assets.

Actions screen for automation
Customize Automation

Customize your platform to fit your organization’s needs with personalized, multi-touch lead nurturing campaigns and custom contact groups.

Approval workflow screenshot
Automate Approval Workflows

Pre-approve co-branded templates to ensure compliance before marketing campaigns launch.

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