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Automate, deploy and track.

Automate, deploy and track your marketing activities from the top down and simplify your daily process for producing print and digital marketing assets.
Marketing Products Showcasing Digital and Print capabilities
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Powerful Brand Building and Lead Generation Tools.

Dynamically deploy marketing assets including: Websites, Landing Pages, Flyers, Postcards, and Banner Ads.

  • doc
    Simplify Print Management

    Enterprise management of flyers, postcards, brochures and EDDM deployments helps reach the right consumers at the right time.

  • increase-conversion
    Increase Digital Conversion

    Fuel your pipeline with landing pages, single property sites and banner ads that are optimized to increase conversions.

  • house
    Automate Event Lead Management

    Streamline event lead management by automating every aspect from capture to follow up.

Automated Email on Mobile Device Email from CRM on Laptop

Scale your marketing efforts with enterprise automation.

Automate multi-channel marketing and communication through the entire customer lifecycle.

  • email-marketing
    Deploy Enterprise Email Marketing

    Automate your email nurturing and use built-in reporting and analytics to refine your strategy based on your specific KPIs.

  • automate-approval
    Automate Manual Workflows

    Make your marketing department more productive than ever by removing manual workflows for asset requests and approvals.

  • fast-turn
    Accomplish More In Less Time

    Harness the efficiency of Total Expert’s full automation calendar that triggers tasks, meetings, in-process and post-close email campaigns.

Enable Quick Deployment of New Marketing.

Controlling all of your assets within your marketing library while empowering your organization to deploy pre-approved material has never been easier.

Default User Settings
Top-Down Control

Full control over assets with the marketing library gives you flexibility when it comes to sending out projects and materials.

Marketing Library Templates for Branding
Keep Your Brand On Track

All templates within the marketing library are designed by your specifications to meet your branding and messaging standards.

Approval Flow Settings
Deliver Rapid Deployment

Assets can be pre-approved by compliance and deployed within minutes, based on your organization’s workflows, putting an end to one-off marketing requests.

ROI tracker on iphone with dynamic Pie Chart

Harness the power of big data to improve your ROI.

Gain a deeper understanding of the data that drives your business with centralized ROI tracking for every marketing channel, user and co-marketer.

  • personal-dash
    Create Personalized Dashboards

    Track the KPI’s that matter most to your organization by customizing the reporting and dashboards and use the data gained to make informed marketing decisions about what moves the needle.

  • integrate-data
    Integrate Your Marketing Data

    Integrate all third-party lead generation services from across the web into your Total Expert dashboard to gain full control over follow-up and personalization based on the lead source.

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